• Taco Tuesday
    Ingredients Ground Turkey or Impossible Meat 4 Cloves of garlic 1 Onion Bell Pepper Black Beans Olive oil Taco Seasoning Salsa
  • Slow cooked ribs
  • Taco Tuesday
    Guacamole Recipe Ingredients: avocado kosher salt – a pinch cilantro – 2 tble spoons 1/2 lime smash it up to desired consistency
  • Stuffed Bagel Balls
    Add Yeast and Honey to warm water, stir until dissolved. Combine the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Turn dough out (If it’s too dry, add more water) Transfer dough to an oiled bowl, cover and let the dough rest. Freeze cream cheese into 1 tbsp. balls. Pull a handful of dough, form into […]
  • Garlic Lemon Parmesan Shrimp and Pasta
    Garlic lemon Parmesan Shrimp and Pasta